Assad adds insult to injury: Forces shell Houla

The entire world condemned the massacre in Houla last week where 108 civilians - including 49 children and 34 women - were murdered at the hands of Assad's forces. But Assad apparently has ignored the outrage; he's shelling Houla again. VOA: Syrian forces Thursday shelled the central region of Houla where more than 100 people were massacred last week as a Syrian rebel commander says his forces will abandon a cease-fire agreement by Friday if government attacks do not stop. Syrian rights activists said government troops fired shells and machine guns in Houla as residents fled, faring a repeat of a massacre that killed more than 100 civilians in an assault that continues to spark international outrage. Damascus-based U.N. spokeswoman Sausan Ghosheh told VOA that U.N. monitors based in nearby Homs city were traveling to Houla to verify the reports of renewed attacks. In an Internet statement published Thursday, Free Syrian Army Colonel Qassim Saadeddine gave Syrian President...(Read Full Post)