Arkansas primed to deliver nasty surprise to Obama in primary

Oh how delicious this would be; Barack Obama losing the Arkansas primary? It's a long shot, as Allahpundit notes. But the dissatisfaction is real - as is a growing "anyone but Obama" sentiment that is boosting a truly unknown candidate, John Wolfe, into contention. Arkansas features an "open primary" which means that Republicans can cross over and deliver a nasty little surprise for Obama on primary day, May 22. Also in the mix is Obama's recent conversion on gay marriage that is not sitting well with the moderate, socially conservative Democrats in Arkansas. NRO: In West Virginia, federal inmate Keith Judd recently swiped 42 percent of Democratic votes from the president, indicating the level of dissatisfaction among the rank and file. And according to a Talk Business-Hendrix College poll conducted on May 10, Obama leads John Wolfe, a virtually unknown candidate, in Arkansas's 4th congressional district by only 7 points, 45-38. Three weeks earlier, the Talk Business-Hendrix...(Read Full Post)