Are Catholics 'fertile ground' for conversion to Islam?

Inter-religious dialogue, anyone? From a May 4 news item at A senior Al-Qaeda operative [Adam Yahiye Gadahn] advised Osama bin Laden in January 2011 that Irish Catholics-and Catholics in general-are ripe for conversion to Islam, according to a letter released on the first anniversary of bin Laden's death.... Reflecting on Catholicism, Gadahn said that 'their public in general, these days, is more sympathetic and understanding of the Muslims, than other Protestant and Orthodox Christians,' though he added that 'I also do not deny the animosity of the Pope and other church heads to Islam and Muslims'.... 'The conclusion is that, in general, the Catholics are a fertile ground for call of God and to persuade them about the just case of the Mujahidin, particularly after the rage expanding against the mother church [Vatican] as a result of its scandals and policies refused by many of its public. But the attacks on the Christians in Iraq, like the Baghdad attack and...(Read Full Post)