Another terrible day for Elizabeth Warren

Poor Elizabeth Warren has become a laughingstock, a status that is exceedingly difficult to exit. She stands before the nation peddling implausible stories to explain away the obvious fact that she gamed the affirmative action racket. Warren joins the exploding cigar faction of the Democrats with the news that the husband of the great-great-great grandmother who might have been Cherokee actually participated in the sweeping military round-up of the Cherokee nations (what would today be called "ethnic cleansing") to the stockades built by the Army in Ross's Landing (Chattanooga, TN today), from which point they were sent out on the notorious Trail of Tears. The information comes as the result of a collaboration between two bloggers, William Jacobson of Legal Insurrection, and Michael Patrick Leahy of Big Government.  Jacobson summarizes : Why is this the ultimate and cruelest irony? Who Warren's great-great-great grandparents were or what they did should be irrelevant,...(Read Full Post)