An Anniversary Gift Wish List

The platitudes are heartfelt, no doubt, but actions speak louder than words as Israel turns 64. At a Columbus Day celebration, a visiting member of Congress stood up and gave a speech, as is typical of Columbus Day events throughout the land. In the middle of his remarks he paused and delivered the line that got the most energetic response from the crowd: "I fully support Italy's right to exist!" Earlier that year in July this same lawmaker was speaking at the Can-Am Canada Day picnic and stated unequivocally: "Canada has a right to defend herself as she sees fit!" Meanwhile, at the Namaste celebration, this member of Congress took another courageous stand, affirming that "India has a right to safe and secure borders!" As if that were not enough, at the Mardi Gras Samba Ball in the congressional district, this same legislator pounded on the podium and demanded: "The citizens of Brazil should not have to put up with hundreds or thousands of rockets fired at them from across the...(Read Full Post)