Activist Chen says American officials abandoned him

Human rights activist Chen Guangcheng, holed up at the US embassy for a week after escaping from house arrest, says that he believes he has been abandoned by American officials and that he fears for his life and the lives of his family if he stays in China. I wrote about the confused situation for The deal would have seen Chen released to a local hospital for treatment of his leg, injured in his daring escape from house arrest. The Chinese would have then allowed him to reunite with his family and move to a university town where he could continue his legal studies. The Chinese also promised that he would face no more legal issues and that the oppressive authorities in his hometown would be punished for their extra-legal detention of the activist. From his hospital bed, Chen reached out to several news services, saying he had changed his mind and now wanted to leave China, a request he did not make while sheltered by the embassy because he was unaware that he...(Read Full Post)