ABC recycling phony Obama Auschwitz claim

Writing at ABC News this Monday, in an article entitled Vying for Commander-In-Chief: Two Men Who Never Served, Mat Negrin states: Obama, for example, is related to a number of veterans, including an uncle who helped free Holocaust survivors from Auschwitz. This outrageously ignorant 2008 statement, made by Obama himself, was debunked and even reported as deeply flawed by the Washington Post because (for those of you who took "feel good History") the Soviet Army liberated Auschwitz hundreds of miles east of where American forces marched in Europe by the end of World War II.  Linkedin's biography of Mr. Negrin says he was a journalism major and "survived eight internships" at various major news organizations, including one at the New York Times. This appears to be a nice way of saying that seven news organizations were not that impressed with him.  I will admit to some envy of Mr. Negrin's youth in this next statement: in his Linkedin photo, Mat Negrin appears too young to...(Read Full Post)