A real Native American's take on Elizabeth Warren

What does an authentic Indian who became a successful businessman and US senator the old fashioned American way--merit; remember that?--think of Elizabeth Warren checking off "Native American" in the minority alternative universe to juice her career, all the way from law professor at increasingly prestigious schools to running for the people's Senate seat formerly heavily sat on by Ted Kennedy? Three-eighths northern Cheyenne Indian Ben Nighthorse Campbell,  who was Colorado's senator from 1993 until 2005, first as a Democrat but later as a Republican, said in the Daily Caller: "I think if she used it just to get some kind of advantage - whatever it was - like a job application or something, then that's probably not appropriate," former Colorado Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell told The Daily Caller in an interview on Tuesday. "If you have nothing to do with Indians at all - never - except to try to get some unfair advantage, then I think there's an ethical question in that,"...(Read Full Post)