A gigantic thank you from a conservative professor

My post of a few days back, "What it's like to be a conservative professor," sparked some of the most touching emails I've ever received. I had no idea what a chord the piece would strike with people across the country. Even more touching was how many people had to look me up on the internet to get my email address. I wanted to clarify a few things about the piece, in case people took away the wrong idea: 1. It is still good to thank military people for their service. Some folks got the impression that I am ashamed of having served in the Army. Far from it. My main thought was that it would be nice for conservatives, who have traditionally shown gratitude to the armed forces, to see how much such gratitude might help conservative academics struggling in a profession that is still hostile to them.   2. Disciplines matter. I am in English, where there are many fewer conservatives than fields like Economics or Business. Nevertheless, it is in English and other writing-intensive...(Read Full Post)