324,000 women drop out of labor force in March and April

In the interest of accuracy, we should begin reporting on the employment situation in America not by citing the unemployment rate (current at 8.1%) - a meaningless number given what's left out of that figure - but rather the far more telling number that reveals the percentage of Americans working. And that number, as it relates to women, has fallen to catastrophic levels over the last two months. CNS: In February, according to BLS's seasonally adjusted data, 52,833,000 American women were not in the labor force. In March that climbed to 53,090,000-a one-month increase of 257,000. In April, it climbed again to the historical high of 53,321,000-a one-month increase of 231,000 from March and a two-month increase of 488,000 from February. In February, there was an historical high of 72,706,000 women in the labor force. But in March, that dropped to 72,529,000-a decline of 177,000. And in April, it dropped to 72,382,000-a decline of another 147,000. Thus, in March and April,...(Read Full Post)