You furnish the sound bite, I'll furnish the (race) war

Jerome Schmitt
The most infamous instance of "Yellow Journalism" occurred when newspaper publisher William Randolph Hearst allegedly said to his field-correspondent, the artist Fredrick Remington, the following: "You furnish the pictures.  I'll furnish the war".  The Spanish-American War shortly ensued.   Last week, against the wishes of a local NAACP leader in Orlando, Al Sharpton lead a demonstration in Sanford Florida to "Escalate" racial tensions over the Treyvon Martin killing.  Could the MSNBC Television News Host Reverend Al Sharpton -- purportedly in his role as liberal-approved "race leader" -- be privately offering his corporate boss, Obama Administration-functionary Jeffrey Immelt, a 21st Century update of Yellow Journalism in order to influence the 2012 elections?  This occurred to me when I learned that NBC has mounted an internal investigation to discover who was behind a selectively-edited version of the 911 call that made George Zimmerman's remarks to...(Read Full Post)