Where's the Map?

On March 13 the Orlando Sentinel published a map of the Twin Lakes community where Trayvon Martin was shot, but no one else seems to have reproduced it.  Yet it's impossible to reconstruct the incident without referring to it.  George Zimmerman reports at the beginning of his 911 call that he's on Retreat View Circle, at 111, near the clubhouse, a block from the main entrance to the community, which is off Oregon Avenue.  According to the Sentinel's map, the home Trayvon Martin was staying in was further down on Retreat View Circle.  (You'll need to check maps.google to get all the street names.)  So why doesn't Martin just keep on walking?  Zimmerman is trailing him, not blocking his path.  If he's really on his way to his dad's fiancee's home, why doesn't he  just pick his pace and continue on back to the house?  He would not have had far to go: the house is less than 350 yards from where Zimmerman placed his call. At about 2:08 on the...(Read Full Post)