Wash. Post, NY Times flog Israeli settlements, facts notwithstanding

Earlier this week, the Israeli government formally legalized three small Jewish communities in the West Bank -- Rehalim, Bruchin and Sansana.  They had been authorized and approved by prior governments in the 1980s and 1990s.  Rehalim received official  authorized settlement status on May 19, 1983, Bruchin on Nov. 27, 1991, and Sansana on June 28, 1998. What had been lacking was additional paperwork to formalize their legal status -- essentially an oversight that now has been corrected. But since the Washington Post and the New York Times are predisposed to see evil in anything pertaining to Jewish settlements, it comes as no surprise that they jumped on this thin bureaucratic reed to flog Jewish presence in the Jews' biblical homeland. Ignoring facts and history, the Post carries a three-column article by Jerusalem correspondent Karin Brulliard in its April 25 edition, headlined "Israel legalizes 3 West Bank outposts -- Palestinian activists decry move as step toward...(Read Full Post)