Wash. Post exposes corruption, repression in Gaza under Hamas

The Washington Post, in its April 19 edition, features a front-page article on Hamas's miserable rule of Gaza, pointing to failure to deliver basic services, repression of dissidents,  corruption among the Hamas elite, which lead a cushy life while most Gazans struggle with power blackouts and shortages of other basic needs ("In besieged Gaza, residents say Hamas hasn't delivered - For many, Islamist rulers turn out to be a lot like regular politicians" by Karin Brulliard). It's not a perfect piece - the sub-head refers to "Islamist rulers" (another euphemism for "terrorist").  The lead paragraph points to vast destruction of a neighborhood "in an Israeli military assault three years ago" without mentioning the constant rocket barrages against Israel that prompted the IDF operation.  The second paragraph zeroes in on "Israeli airstrikes pounding the Gaza Strip last month" again without mentioning the rain of Gaza rockets on civilian targets in southern Israel. But once...(Read Full Post)