Throw Bo a Bone In 2012

This April is the third anniversary of the Obama's playful pup being adopted by the first family. Who can forget when, as a reward for his winning the 2008 election, a little Portuguese water dog became a post-inaugural gift from the new President, via the Kennedys, to his daughters? Unlike Seamus Romney who, in the past, on long trips was relegated to a dog crate on the roof of the family car, Bo is so highly esteemed as an Obama family member that, together with the President's staffers, he travels in style on a private jet. Late last year, in the midst of a "What does $40 mean to you?" campaign, after the wife and kids started their vacation in Hawaii without him, Barack Obama took best friend Bo to PetSmart on a middle-class chew-toy excursion. At more than $10 for a 24" Bully Stick, for 40 bucks poor Bo couldn't even get four beefy chews. Which means that in the world of doggy treats, $40 doesn't go a very long way.  Nonetheless, this year, ever the creative pet owner,...(Read Full Post)