The Sudan Declares Jihad War On South Sudan

After ethnically cleansing its over 500,000 Christians, the rogue Arab Islamist regime of the Sudan has declared war on the Christian and black South Sudan, which broke away last year after peace talks under UN auspices supposedly ended the civil war, in which an estimated 2 million, mostly civilians in the south and in Darfur were killed.The UN would have you believe this is about a dispute over the Heglig oil field, which the South Sudan occupied after Sudan began violating the borders and attempting to seize the South Sudan's oil wealth in other areas. It isn't. It is and always was about jihad, domination and control.The Sudan's president, Omar al-Bashir, who is already under indictment as a war criminal for genocidal activities, showed how flawed that notion is, announcing "Sudan should not be ruled separately in the north and the south, either they (SPLM) come and control Khartoum or we go and control Juba. Heglig isn't the end, it is the beginning, and we shall go all the way...(Read Full Post)