The Palestinian take on Passover

Whoops! There the Muslims go again with their revisionist history! As Jews around the world prepare for Pesach (Passover in English), the Festival of Freedom, beginning Friday at sundown, commemorating the liberation of Jews from Egyptian slavery, when Moshe (Moses in English) led them out towards freedom and the land, Israel, promised to them by God, a prominent Muslim university lecturer pronounced his bizarre, distorted, twisted attitude on this important Festival on Fatah television: "We must make clear to the world that David in the Hebrew Bible is not connected to David in the Quran," he said. "Solomon in the Hebrew Bible is not connected to the Solomon in the Quran and neither is Saul or Joshua son of Nun. "We have a great leader, Saul, who defeated the nation of the giants and killed Goliath. This is a Muslim victory. "The Muslims of the Children on Israel went out of Egypt under the leadership of Moses and unfortunately, many researchers deny the Exodus of these oppressed...(Read Full Post)