The 'Barry and Bill' show raises $2 million

Bill Clinton and Barack Obama stood on the same podium together at a backyard fundraiser that brought in $2 million to the president's campaign war chest. Clinton bravely tried to put a prom dress on a pig, praising Obama for having done "a good job." Reuters: A white-haired and svelte Clinton, 65, pounded the podium and pointed at the crowd while addressing about 500 Obama supporters outside the Virginia home of his friend and Democratic adviser Terry McAuliffe. "I think he's done a good job," he told the crowd in his signature raspy voice, warmly introducing the man who beat his wife, Hillary Clinton, to win the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination and then made her secretary of state. "We are going the right direction under President Obama's leadership." Clinton's support could be pivotal for Obama's efforts to raise money and to sell voters on his economic plans, which Republicans have denounced as fiscally reckless and rooted in populism instead of good business...(Read Full Post)