Syrian tanks rumble into Damascus suburb

Douma has been a hotbed of anti-Assad sentiment with massive protests taking place there late last week. Assad has retaliated by sending in his tanks and heavy weapons: Activists say the Sunday morning raid was launched to crush president Bashar al-Assad's opponents in Douma, an outlying suburb of the captial. A video posted online showed columns of smoke billowing into the sky. Heavy gunfire could be heard in the background. "Regime forces enter Douma each day, but today's assault was the largest," Damascus revolutionary council member Mohammed Saeed told AFP. He said it was "in retaliation for huge anti-regime protests there and because it's a centre of dissent in the Damascus countryside". The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights two civilians and four soldiers were killed in Douma. The violence comes a day after the UN Security Council voted unanimously to dispatch 300 unarmed observers to Syria to monitor a ceasefire that went into effect on April 12. UN envoy Kofi Annan...(Read Full Post)