Romney must capitalize

Last night, Lesley Stahl unveiled President Obama's worst nightmare.  When CBS News veteran interviewed Jose Rodriguez, former chief of the CIA's Clandestine Service, a cache of knowledge was delivered. If Mitt Romney studies the interview about "enhanced interrogations," Romney can arm himself with enough wit to defeat President Obama on the subject.  In fact, Romney can likely crush President Obama's entire foreign policy strategy based off this interview alone. Mr. Rodriguez was critical about President Obama's destruction of the CIA's enhanced interrogation program.  He feared the current administration would actually dismantle the CIA's Clandestine Service calling it "the Abu Ghraib effect." He had every right to fear the destruction of the Clandestine Service considering the Carter administration virtually destroyed America's Human Intelligence (HUMINT) capabilities. The stark and alarming truths about the CIA's enhanced interrogation program were revealed by...(Read Full Post)