Rick Moran's Liberal Frisson

At last Mr. Moran has had the opportunity to experience the ultimate liberal frisson - the thrill of the feeling of moral superiority of declaiming that one is above the moral turpitude of harboring the racist thoughts of one's peer group. Like "hardball" Mathews, Mr. Moran must have had a tingle up is leg or was it down his spine? To top it off Mr. Moran got to layer his frisson with the magnanimity of spirit of excusing Mr. Derbyshire's right to blunderingly "step in it" given his deliberately provocative style and claim that such should not result in his being fired. First of all Derbyshire is giving an account of the hush-hush admonitions that whites live  by and share with other whites in proximity to or in black neighborhoods. He is not promoting the narrative so much as reporting it. Reporting it, moreover, not as a testimony to the innate "get whitey" racist mentality of blacks but as a testimony to the bankruptcy of the Revered Wright-Al Sharpton liberal endorsed...(Read Full Post)