Our 'Hoopster in Chief' blows his tourney picks

Barack Obama, supposedly a constitutional scholar, hasn't been doing so well lately with his statements about the Supreme Court. However, there's another type of court at which Obama is also supposed to be an expert. Let's look at how he's doing there. When it comes to Obama and basketball, Joe DeLessio noted at New York Magazine that "(t)he only two downsides to his game, we were led to believe, were that he can't dunk and that his uniform of sweats 'isn't likely to set a trend.' " Not only, is he a wizard with a basketball, but Obama is also, if one were to believe the media, the smartest man in America. Historian Michael Beschloss infamously declared that Obama's IQ is "off the charts." So, how did the smartest man in America, and the hoopster in chief, do with his NCAA basketball brackets? According to ABC News, Obama's bracket finished behind 2,347,420 other entries in ESPN's Bracket Challenge, in the middling 63.6 percentile. Apparently millions of people were able to outthink...(Read Full Post)