On Self-Hating Jews

I am at Gleason's Gym.  Where else would I be on a Saturday morning?  I am teaching Bruce.  We've been working together for years. He tells me, "There are too many self-hating Jews." Bruce doesn't know that he is a self-hating Jew.  He doesn't realize it.  He voted for Obama...case closed.  I miss the days when Bush spoke up for the Jews. I don't want to hurt his feelings.  I say, "You're right.  David Mamet and Norman Podhoretz write about self-hating Jews." "We have to defend Israel," he says.  Yet he votes for the enemy.  That's like Obama saying he is Israel's best friend. "Obama was born a Muslim," I say, "and we expected him to do well with Muslims, but he let the Middle East fall apart." "He's not a Muslim now," Bruce says. "Even before he screwed up the Middle East I knew that Obama was no friend to the Jews," I tell Bruce.  "In his Cairo speech he leaned away from the Jews and towards the Muslims.  He has...(Read Full Post)