Obama's laughable scorn

President Obama described the Republican budget proposed by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) as "laughable" during a speech at the Associated Press Luncheon on Tuesday. More mockery from President Obama is not a surprise. He prefers to run by insulting others and stocking fears, because he can't run much on hope and change given his record for three years. But who is he to call Ryan's budget "laughable"? We all know his own record of massive deficit spending and the crippling debt he has imposed on us and generations to come. That is laughable -- if one had a perverse sense of humor and were, say, China. What is even more laughable is that Obama has submitted his own budgets to Congress two times in the last year and no one voted to support it -- including his own fellow Democrats.  His supposed budget ideas were so airy and trivial that the head of the Congressional Budget Office dismissed them during Congressional testimony.  He was asked about Barack Obama's budget ideas and he...(Read Full Post)