Obama Media Pushes Law Enforcement as Embarrassment

Do we really need Obama and his slavish press going after the Secret Service now? In less than a month, the same guy who loves Occupy and hates the Tea Party has weighed in on the Supreme Court, Congress, local law enforcement in Sanford, Florida and now the Secret Service and the military.   The latest Secret Service/hooker distraction not only diverts our attention away from the myriad failures of the Obama administration it feeds right into Obama's core belief that the United States needs a fundamental transformation. The 11 Secret Service agents involved in boozing all night and paying for sex during the Summit of the Americas in Colombia were quickly placed on administrative leave and sent packing. Obama promised a "thorough and rigorous" investigation. Seems if the particular scandal has legs and can potentially make America look bad Obama is all over it. My attitude with respect to the Secret Service personnel is no different than I expect out of my delegation...(Read Full Post)