Obama, DNC raise $53 million in March

This sounds pretty awesome but it actually falls short of expectations. Not that it matters. Romney and the RNC can't come close to this kind of financial firepower. Politico: The president's reelection campaign and the Democratic National Committee took in a combined $53 million in March through their various fundraising accounts, the Obama camp announced in a video Monday. There were 190,000 first-time donors to the groups and the average contribution was $50.78, according to the campaign. The top line number is up from $45 million in February and $29.1 million in January, the trend line is moving in a direction that Democrats can like. The more interesting test of Obama's fundraising potential may come in the April numbers, now that it's unavoidably clear who the Republican nominee will be. High on the list of reasons why Democrats believe Obama's fundraising has been solid, but not jaw-dropping, is that there hasn't been a general election-like contrast with a Republican...(Read Full Post)