Obama campaign's big blunder

Move over, Etch-a-Sketch! The Obama campaign accidentally handed its opponents a huge present, if they have the wit and the guts to use it. The portion of the public that is paying attention is justifiably alarmed at Obama's overheard promise to Putin have "flexibility" on missile defense after the election. A serious doubt about Obama -- that unshackled by a future election he will reward his friends and punish his enemies with abandon  -- is out there as a meme.  Right now, it is mostly confined to the conservative blogosphere, but plenty of people who voted for Obama in 2008 are disconcerted by some of his actions and results, on energy, the economy, the Arab Spring, Israel, Russia, the Saudi king bow...the list goes on and on.  Seeds of doubt have been planted. As more people start paying attention, the idea will spread. Right now, President Obama's attitudes about race are a matter of some concern to Americans, his comment on Trayvon Martin raising troubling...(Read Full Post)