New Target Audience for CBS News?

Over lunch Wednesday, I caught a few minutes of Tom Sullivan's syndicated radio program.  He mentioned that CBS's morning TV show recently featured at least two segments that were not just the usual DNC talking points.  Tuesday, CBS aired a sympathetic story about Mitt Romney's unpublicized generosity, and Wednesday, interviewer Charlie Rose let Republican House Majority Leader John Boehner make a convincing argument against the president without talking over his comments, as liberal media hosts typically do. So what is going on?  Did the leftists at CBS News have an epiphany on the Road to Damascus and decide to try sincerity?  Probably not, so it might be better to examine the motivation behind such an ideological turnaround, assuming there even is one. All organisms seek wealth and power -- and sex, of course, but sex often is just a perquisite of power.  Assuming wealth accumulation is the motivating factor behind this shift at CBS News, how would such a...(Read Full Post)