More GSA follies from $800,000 Vegas conference

This one is a little more serious. It shows GSA employees singing about helping Obama politically while the event organizer jokes about making the video during working hours. The Hill: "This administration knew about this 11 months ago and they didn't act until the press got wind of it. This is typically what has been happening in this administration. They are only transparent when they are discovered," Issa added. The video's release drew new questions about the use of taxpayer dollars at the agency, and feeds into a theme that Republicans have been hammering since loans to failed green-energy company Solyndra were revealed: that the White House favors environmentally friendly policies for political gain rather than policy reasons. In the video, office workers are shown singing about green initiatives in various scenes staged around the GSA office. "POTUS wants a press event, a project he can show ... are you ready for a miracle? GSA is going green," employees sing while...(Read Full Post)