Liberalism Jumps the Shark on Obamacare

One of the greatest sleights of hand in political history has been the cultural coup liberalism has waged on American life since the 1960's, a takeover accomplished with few votes actually cast in its favor. How does a group that numbers a mere 20% of the American population (give or take) according to Gallup, foist its ideas on an American public that largely rejects its them? The strategy is quite simple. First, stay away from the ballot box as much as possible. Liberalism identified as such is usually rejected when it is flushed out into the open and clearly seen. Adlai Stevenson lost twice. George McGovern lost 49 states. Barack Obama ran as a stealth moderate, the so-called "post-partisan" presidential candidate. So what to do? First portray liberalism as trendy in Hollywood and popular culture. "Will and Grace" did more to legitimize gay marriage than any position paper or debate.  Second, change liberalism's name. Rebrand yourselves. Call it "progressivism."  Third,...(Read Full Post)