Liberal Arrogance

Why do liberals feel superior to me?  They call me a right winger and assume I am stupid.  I have a Ph.D., hundreds of publications and built a multi-million dollar insurance business in the 80's.  I have been ranked in three sports - tennis, skiing and boxing.  I have three published rap albums, wrote the lyrics for a jazz album and starred and wrote a movie that played at Sundance Film Festival.   Liberals believe in multiculturalism.  I believe in multiplicity within oneself, the development of diverse and possibly contradictory talents like boxing and poetry. We should broaden ourselves not ideologically negate things we don't like. To aggravate bigoted liberals all I have to say is that I am anti-abortion or that gay marriage negatively redefines the tradition and sanctity of marriage or that I feel that welfare is counterproductive and they feel that I am an idiot. Is opinion the sign of idiocy or idiocy the adoption of politically correct...(Read Full Post)