'Land of opportunity?' Apparently not for some

How far has the US fallen in recent years? One yardstick is in the number of second generation immigrants returning to the country of their parent's birth for opportunities that they can't find here. New York Times: In growing numbers, experts say, highly educated children of immigrants to the United States are uprooting themselves and moving to their ancestral countries. They are embracing homelands that their parents once spurned but that are now economic powers. Some, like Mr. Kapadia, had arrived in the United States as young children, becoming citizens, while others were born in the United States to immigrant parents. Enterprising Americans have always sought opportunities abroad. But this new wave underscores the evolving nature of global migration, and the challenges to American economic supremacy and competitiveness. In interviews, many of these Americans said they did not know how long they would live abroad; some said it was possible that they would remain ...(Read Full Post)