Kim Jong Chelsea

If you think North Korea is the only country in which the child of a previous leader is treated as a demi-god, pampered and puffed-up by state-controlled media, accustomed to royal treatment, you need a quick visit to Planet Chelsea. Buzzfeed, which is edited by former Politico Journ-O-lister Ben Smith, presents an inside account of the way in which the daughter of Hillary and Bill Clinton stepped on the escalator to media stardom prominence. It does not resemble a merit-based system, according to the sly writer, Amy Sly: To get the TV gig, Chelsea's team played off rival networks, holding a series of meetings in New York last fall with all the major television news outlets, including ABC, CBS, and CNN. "Her agent calls, asks if you want to meet with Chelsea Clinton, you take the meeting," one network executive tells BuzzFeed. But she didn't blow anyone away with her presence during the interview process, according to network executives who interviewed her. "Horrible," says another...(Read Full Post)