Just how 'kewl' is the president?

Pretty darn kewl if you read the obedient media who has been touting Obama's "coolness" ever since his campaign made it clear that this is how they will appeal to the youth vote. IDB: Now, keep in mind that before the Obama campaign decided to push this "cool" PR talking point, news reports rarely mentioned it. And if they did, it was often in a negative way, as in "Should Cool Obama Warm Up?" or "Why Obama's Cool Comes Off as Cold." Back then, the press could afford to gently chastise Obama for coming across as too aloof, particularly when the country was hurting economically while he was vacationing in Hawaii. Now, when the stakes are higher, the mainstream press seems willing, if not eager, to focus on the real task at hand -- helping Obama get re-elected. Nowhere was that more evident than in the coverage of Obama's idiotic appearance on the Jimmy Fallon show. It's not that there aren't genuine angles that a truly independent press corps could pursue about Obama's latest...(Read Full Post)