Jihad Denial and Armenian Genocide Remembrance

The Center for Security Policy, under security analyst Frank Gaffney's bold and thoughtful leadership, is launching a 10-part, web-based video course (key findings summarized here), today, April 24, 2012,  entitled, "The Muslim Brotherhood in America: The Enemy Within." Today, appropriately, also marks the 97th anniversary of the date officially commemorated as the start of the Armenian Genocide -- a jihad genocide -- April 24, 1915. Persistent jihad denial by U.S. policymaking elites across the intervening century -- a mindset so egregiously delusive at present it reflects mindslaughter -- is the tragic, shared living legacy of these superficially disparate, but intimately related phenomena, both animated by canonical Islam. The Armenian genocide is formally commemorated each April 24th because on that date in 1915, the Turkish Interior Ministry issued an order authorizing the arrest of all Armenian political and community leaders suspected of anti-Ittihadist or Armenian...(Read Full Post)