Jay Carney & the 3 Hilary Rosens

In the midst of last week's furor over Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen's verbal attacks on Ann Romney, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney dragged out an old but increasingly familiar deflection technique: mistaken identity. In response to questions about Rosen's alleged 35 visits to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Carney protested that he knows 3 different women with that name, so he can't say for sure whether the one in the current spotlight actually visited that many times, if at all.    An obvious attempt to distance the president from Rosen, this is more than pathetically weak -- it borders on black comedy. Perhaps Carney is channeling Chevy Chase as Fletch in an updated version of the Dr. Rosen-Rosen routine; maybe he thinks he's the host of a re-born To Tell the Truth segment (Will the real Hilary Rosen please stand up!) It could be that he's hoping to replace Michael Keaton as the star of the long-awaited follow-up to the 1996 comedy, Multiplicity, and he'll be...(Read Full Post)