I Am A Child Survivor of the Holocaust

[Editor's Note: tonight marks the beginning of Yom HaShoah, the commemoration of the Holocaust.] I am a child survivor, and went through the destruction of a defenseless people by an enemy called Nazism. Now, the blood of Israel flows in its streets.  A second wave of Nazism breaks over us.  And I hear phrases of blame like "cycles of violence," "ending the occupation," as if something we were doing, rather than our very existence were responsible for attacks against us. I hear lies, distortions, self-serving versions of history. Occupation? Years ago when there was no occupation, what did they do? They murdered our athletes at the Olympics; they hijacked planes; they pushed a man in a wheelchair off a ship into the sea.  What excuse will they use when there is no occupation again? As a survivor of the Holocaust, I can no longer suppress my rage.  I must express this rage without any restraint.  Then I can go in peace. The form that my rage takes is a...(Read Full Post)