How Obama's 'Recovery Act' paid for transferring military technology to Russia

When the true history of Barack Obama's "Recovery Act" comes to light there will be many tales of wasted taxpayer dollars, faulty workmanship, bailouts to union allies, and scams and schemes that benefit Democrats and their donors. We already have some insight from "green schemes"  going belly up and taking taxpayers down the drain with them. Now we have a new revelation: Obama's Department of Energy used stimulus funding to fund an electric battery company-Ener1- that actually did create some cutting-edge technology before declaring bankruptcy. But now, a Russian tycoon tied to the dictatorship has taken control of this company and its technology -- some of which has military potential.  Vice-President Joe Biden has praised federal funding for Ener1 and said this the question was "which nation is going to seize the future." The answer seems to be Russia -- thanks to the Obama administration incompetency. Boris Zingarevich was an investor in Ener1 when Obama's team gave it...(Read Full Post)