Hillary Clinton embraces fake fatwa

Hillary Clinton recently downplayed concerns over Iran's nuclear program by referring to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei's supposed fatwa (there are serious doubts such a fatwa ever even existed ) that nuclear weapons are contrary to Islam.  This has been seized  by Hillary Clinton and EU diplomats as a reason to cast doubts on concerns that Iran plans to develop nuclear weapons. The Daily Telegraph took note of her views Clinton revealed that she has been studying Khamenei's fatwa, saying that she has discussed it with religious scholars, other experts and with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. "If it is indeed a statement of principle, of values, then it is a starting point for being operationalized," Clinton said. Of course, this follows the administration of dismissing concerns about Iran and its potential to develop nuclear weapons. Recently, press secretary Jay Carney said the administration was in no rush to deal with Iran, the administration slowed down the...(Read Full Post)