Greek leftist candidate wants to call EU's 'bluff' on bail out

Alexis Tsipras, leader of the Left Coalition party, thinks that the EU is bluffing when they threatent to reneg on the bail out deal that is keeping the Greek government from defaulting unless the country adheres to painful asuterity measures. And he is winning votes because of it. Reuters: Alexis Tsipras says Greece's political elite are bluffing when they say harsh austerity cuts are required to keep the country in the euro zone. And he wants Greek voters to call them on it. With Greece due to vote on May 6, the young leader of the Left Coalition party is urging Greeks to vote out austerity - and the two pro-bailout parties imposing it - arguing Europe cannot afford to kick Greece out of the monetary union. "It's a pseudo-dilemma, a fabricated myth, that our future in the euro is at risk. It is blackmail by pro-bailout parties, a tool to pressure people to accept measures that bring misery," he told Reuters in this port city in central Greece. "If any country left the...(Read Full Post)