Fox 'mole' outed

The fellow's name is Joe Muto and now we know why he can't get a job anywhere else in the industry. It's not because he is "blackballed" because he works at Fox. It's because he is a liar, a thief, and a lazy, unambitious clock puncher. After 8 years working at Fox, he rose from production assistant to associate producer. Eight years? A real up and comer this one. If I were a news executive at another network and I saw the lack of promotion after 8 years, I'd question everything about this fellow - including his work ethic and character. No matter - the "mole" is hardly in a position to bring down the network, much less dish on the inner workings of the editorial staff. As it is, Fox easily figured out who the mole was - Mr. Muto evidently isn't very bright - and canned him: Two hours ago I was called into a meeting with Dianne Brandi, the Fox News Executive Vice President of Legal and Business Affairs and suspended indefinitely... with pay, oddly enough. They nailed me. In the...(Read Full Post)