Flytilla fail

Knowing that an ounce of prevention equals a pound of cure and exercising its sovereign right, Israel correctly prevented hundreds of anti Israel terrorist supporters, mainly from Europe, from flying into the country this past Sunday. The hate filled bigots planned to fly into Israel's Ben Gurion Airport, one of the busiest as peaceful tourists were departing after celebrating Passover or Easter there, disrupt operations while creating publicity for their Welcome to Palestine (sic) campaign. Thanks to some amazing co-operation from airlines and governments in Europe and even Turkey most of the activists (sic) were stopped at their planned departure point. Those who managed to sneak through were greeted by pro Israel demonstrators in the Israeli airport; Israeli officials handed them a welcoming informative greeting before arresting them and making arrangements for their quick expulsion. Dear activist, We appreciate your choosing to make Israel the object of your humanitarian...(Read Full Post)