Dirty Little Secret: More Women Want to Stay Home to Raise Kids

Many women would like to stay home to raise their kids.  So writes "Zerlina" the other day at the feminist blog Feministing.  One assumes that Zerlina is using a pen name for a reason.  Admitting that many working mothers would prefer being at home with their kids rather than grinding it out in offices flies in the face feminist gospel.  Zerlina risks excommunication. Here's what Zerlina wrote: Sure Ann [Romney] made a choice but it was a choice she was free to make because of her economic status.  Many American women would love to stay home and raise their kids and not have to work but they don't have that luxury. For decades now, feminists have argued that stay-at-home moms were the equivalent of plantation slaves.  Or they were sellouts - Betty Crockers who drank The Stepford Wives' Kool Aid.  A "real" woman wanted a professional career, just like a man.  Kids - if women didn't abort them - could be shuffled off to government schools in the...(Read Full Post)