Dems continue attacks on Ann Romney

The Democratic Party's attacks on Ann Romney are still the gift that keeps on giving. Breitbart's Big Government website reports that U.S. House member from Florida, Scott Randolph, has attacked Mrs. Romney on his Twitter page. Here is what he said: "How many house servants did stay-at-home-mom Ann Romney had [sic] to raise her kids. Just b/c (because) u don't have job make u a stay-at-home mom." Randolph continued on a tirade that has thus far lasted a full day.  As we reported yesterday, the President is tanking in the polls and all of the areas which women cite as their main concerns are the areas in which Obama receives the worst marks. Apparently Rep. Randolph hasn't been reading the accounts of the early years of the Romneys' marriage where they had no money for hired help. But I have to congratulate Scott Randolph for doing his part to maximize the chances of swing state Florida going into the Republican column in November. Wikipedia reports that Randolph "is married to...(Read Full Post)