Dem official rebukes Apple for pursuing its 'economic interests'

Apple Inc. apparently gave a cold shoulder to Democratic officials in Austin, Texas, who had demanded the hi-tech giant hire "economically disadvantaged" residents - or forgo hefty tax breaks Apple wanted before developing new facilities in the city.Demands about whom Apple must hire were inexplicably missing from a deal unveiled on Tuesday, following additional talks between Apple and Travis County commissioners. Earlier this month, Apple had been haggling with officials in Travis County and Austin over millions of dollars in tax breaks it wanted before expanding its facilities in Austin. But those negotiations took a strange turn two weeks ago, when some Travis County commissioners demanded that Apple hire a certain percentage of residents who were "economically disadvantaged." Austin is a liberal mecca and a hi-tech one. Now, the give-and-take appears to be over. Apple has gotten a green light from Democratic officials for "a 65 percent discount on its Travis County tax bill for 10...(Read Full Post)