Brooklyn Environmentalism

The Japanese cashier at Peas and Pickles in Brooklyn asks me if I need a bag.  I say, "What do you think -- I plan to juggle my sushi, Gatorade and miso soup? Of course I need a bag." "If you care about the environment you won't use a plastic bag," he says. "You can care if you want," I say. "But I don't. You think you're going to change the world?" "A long distance is walked by small footsteps," he says. Sounds very Zen to me.  I answer, "Small footsteps  go in reverse and hurt people behind us." I am so sick of people talking about helping the environment when they haven't invented anything to replace fossil fuels. They talk about a chimera.  There isn't a ghost of chance that they will improve anything.  They are at a standstill while they brag that they can change the world.  Windmills, solar energy, electric cars are all a joke that bankrupt our country.  Al Gore and the environmental clowns are making a fortune by suckering us into...(Read Full Post)