AT's Rich Baehr on 'Obama's Battleground Advantage'

American Thinker's political correspondent Rich Baehr has a good article that is featured this morning on the PJ Media site. It examines the general election race between Romney and Obama, concentrating on the battleground states. Recent polls suggest that President Obama holds about a 7 point lead over Romney in Ohio, Florida and Virginia, and a 3 point lead over Romney in Pennsylvania, and North Carolina.   The Pennsylvania poll is  an oddity, since it showed Romney doing better than Santorum versus Obama in Santorum's state, as well as for the fact that Romney ran better against Obama in Pennsylvania than in Florida or Ohio, states that in recent Presidential elections have been at least  5% more friendly to Republican candidates than Pennsylvania. A new Rasmussen poll for four  battleground states -- North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio and Florida -- gave Obama a three point lead this week, two points closer than in a prior survey. It will be very...(Read Full Post)