'Annan, this is your ceasefire'

The sarcasm is probably lost on the former UN Secretary General who negotiated a cease fire agreement that is supposed to take effect today, but isn't even close to becoming reality given President Assad's continued assaults on civilians. Reuters: At least 12 people were killed on Wednesday, activists said. Western powers have scorned President Bashar al-Assad's truce pledges to the United Nations-Arab League mediator, but so far lack an effective policy to curb the bloodshed, given their own aversion to military intervention and the resistance of Russia and China to any U.N. Security Council action. "Far from fulfilling their commitment, the regime has cynically exploited the window of diplomatic negotiations to crack down even harder on its own people," British Prime Minister David Cameron said during a visit to Indonesia. He said Annan had reported that Assad's troops were "conducting roving military operations in population centers supported by artillery fire". An...(Read Full Post)