A Tale of Two Agendas (updated)

There it is, prominently displayed on page 6 of the April 17 New York Times: spread across the page's full six columns, some 42 column inches of photos and text depicting an Israeli army officer striking a protester in the face with the side of his weapon, an M-16 rifle. If you follow the photo sequence, it appears that this "sudden" attack on the protester, identified as a "Danish activist," is an unprovoked act of violence against an innocent "participant in a bicycle tour" to protest in favor of Palestinians who is doing nothing more than conversing with the officer before being slammed in a vicious attack. So would you be led to believe by Times writer Isabel Kershner.  Replete with reports of "shock and condemnation," Kershner's writing barely notes that some Israeli armed forces members has said that the Colonel who used his rifle in this manner had had two fingers broken "during the confrontation." She also makes sure to quote the denials of the Dane involved and the...(Read Full Post)