A Fish Rots from the Head Down

We all know the meaning of the proverb: poor leadership leads to poor performance throughout the descendant structure. Subordinate organizations and agencies don't just suddenly take it upon themselves to behave badly. Each of them takes their guidance from the management levels above them. Perceived laxness and permissiveness in the next higher level of management encourages similar behavior in the extant level and this relaxation of standards and ethics then flows downward to permeate the whole. It is indeed rot from the head down. We are now witnessing rot within our government agencies, ranging from our hopelessly corrupted Department of Justice, to the formerly above-the-fray Secret Service to the supposed watchdog of federal property management, the Government Services Administration; we are seeing what happens when subordinates observe slackened restraint in the reins of proper governance and detect a permissive attitude towards rapacious overfeeding at the public...(Read Full Post)